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Behind the Scenes: Easter Morning

Tony: *crouches down next to the bed* Brucey. Wake up. *leans forward and kisses him* I wanna give you your Easter basket!

Bruce: *quiet groan* Mmm… Basskit? *squints* What?

Tony: *kisses him again* You slept in. It’s 10am already. I don’t think you’ve ever willingly stayed asleep this long. Must be tired from last night, eh? *grins*

Bruce: *hums happily and rolls to face Tony* A little. I think we’ve got more time in the back of that truck than the front of it.

Tony: That’s what you really bought it for, isn’t it? *runs his hand through Bruce’s hair*

Bruce: *turns to kiss Tony’s palm* Seems like it. Did you really get me a basket?

Tony: Yup! *bends down and heaves a giant Easter basket onto the bed filled with a ton of chocolate including a custom-made piece that’s a likeness of Tony, lots of other assorted candy, a new set of loose leaf teas, some new kitchen and gardening devices, a stuffed Dalek with bunny ears, and some jelly bean flavored lube*

Bruce: *eyes widen* Holy! Tony… what did you do? *starts going through the basket* Where did you even get some of this stuff?

Tony: Most of it’s imported or custom made for you. *smiles proudly*

Bruce: Thanks so much. I got you some stuff but nothing like this. I’m sorry, hon.

Tony: I don’t care, babe. I just wanted to get you something nice.

Bruce: You did a great job. *leans over the basket and kisses him* If it helps I’m planning on making those chocolate caramel cake pops you like.

Tony: *makes an exaggerated noise of pleasure* I love you. Oh, did you see the jelly bean lube? That’s for the last present later on. *grins*

Bruce: *laughs* I thought I was reading that wrong.

Tony: Nope. That’ll be your after dinner treat.

Bruce: You’re amazing. *grins, picks up the Dalek, and shakes his head*

Tony: Thought you’d like that. So what’s for breakfast?

Bruce: I was thinking eggs, maybe some hashbrowns and sausage. *shrugs* Sound good?

Tony: Perfect, babe. Thanks.

Bruce: I’ve got stuff for pasta salad for lunch and we can have whatever’s leftover from that for dinner.

Tony: Sounds great. Can I help you cook?

Bruce: If you want to. *smile widens* Think you’re up to boiling water and slicing things?

Tony: Mmmhmmm. Shower first?

Bruce: Please. I wanna brush my teeth before I eat all this chocolate.

Tony: Can I help with that too? *grins*

Bruce: *returns the kiss and wraps his arms around Tony* I was almost waiting to see a pair of ears in that basket. Guess I’m fluffy enough?

Tony: No lie, I almost did. But yeah, you know you’re my bunny. *grins*

Bruce: I’m never gonna escape my kid nickname. *smirks*

Tony: Nope. Never. Happy Easter, babe.

Bruce: Happy Easter, hon. *kisses him again*

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tony and hulk bath time!



T- Close your eyes Big Green or youll get soap in them

Alright thats enough doodling stupid things for me.

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Tony X Bruce



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Science boyfriends?


all day every day.


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“Banner. Lab sex. That’s all :)”



Banner. Lab sex. That’s all :)”

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Behind the Scenes: After the Ask (nsfw)

Someone asked for us to continue on from this one, so we gladly obliged!  Be warned, this is super nsfw!  Also, there are D/s implications here, and just remember that while they don’t mention it in this, both boys DO have safewords and aren’t afraid to use them!  :)  Enjoy!!!

Tony: *follows behind Bruce until he catches up then grabs his shoulder and spins him, pressing his back against the wall of the hall* Not the bedroom. I want you right here, in the middle of the floor. *presses himself against Bruce and starts to kiss him hungrily*

Bruce: *moans happily and starts tugging Tony’s shirt free as he returns the kiss*

Tony: *grabs Bruce’s ass and hoists him up before turning and lowering him to the floor* We go at my pace. I’m in control here. *looks steadily into Bruce’s eyes before pushing him onto his back on the floor and straddling his hips* How much do you need it? How long can you wait?

Bruce: *pants and laughs* I started getting hard when you said there was more you wanted to do.

Tony: And I see you’re ready to burst. *grins and leans down* But you’re not gonna come til I tell you to. Understand? *opens a shirt button then kisses the skin beneath it*

Bruce: *closes his eyes, moans softly, and nods* Yes.  *takes a slow breath trying to collect himself*

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Were either of you attracted to the other before you met?

Bruce: Obviously I’d seen Tony on TV. I knew he was a good looking guy but… *shrugs* I don’t know if I thought about it like that.

Tony: Same. I mean, I’m kinda looking at everyone all the time. But I had a girlfriend when I was doing the most looking at him I guess. I’d seen stuff on the internet and thought that he’s a lot more attractive than I’d expected. But not much beyond that.

Bruce: Once we met I think there was something bewteen us from then on, but we didn’t acknowledge it right away for various reasons.

Tony: Yeah. There was definitely an attraction there from the beginning.

Bruce: I’m kinda glad you weren’t single then. It gave us the chance to get to know each other without any pressure.

Tony: Think you’da made a move on me if I wasn’t attached?

Bruce: Probably not. If I were that tempted I would’ve just left. *apologetic half smile*

Tony: Good thing it was different then. I’da been missing a husband right now.

Bruce: I’d’ve been missing a husband, a normal life… *smirks* and my new fans on one of the scarier corners of the internet.

Tony: You wouldn’t know you were missing me. *takes his hand and kisses it*

Bruce: I’d know why I left. I’d see you on TV and miss my friend… *scoffs* I’d miss regular hot showers.

Tony: We’d catch up here and there and I’d poke you with pointy things and try to buy you clothes and unsuccessfully try to talk you into working for me. What was it that made you stay that first time? I feel like it shouldn’t’ve been that easy.

Bruce: Right after New York or…?

Tony: Yeah, the very first time I asked you to stay, and you said yes.

Bruce: I needed somewhere to lay low and recover. I wasn’t ready to trust S.H.I.E.L.D.’s travel arrangements. Best case scenario they’re tracking me outta the gate. You made a good offer and I thought you’d be happy to help me sneak out from under their noses when the time came.

Tony: I would’ve been. Well, except for the whole you leaving part. I wouldn’t have been okay with that. As… you know because of that tracking device I thought I’d cleverly hid in your emergency bag.

Bruce: *smiles* And all the projects you gave me to try to keep me around.

Tony: Was I that obvious? *smiles*

Bruce: *shrugs* I was paying attention.

Tony: I’m glad you were. Made my job easier.

Bruce: It was nice knowing I was still wanted.

Tony: You’ll never have to doubt that again. *kisses him*

Bruce: *grins* Thanks for giving me an excuse to stay.

Tony: Thanks for taking me up on it.

Bruce: Probably bad judgement on my part but I’d say it worked out.

Tony: Certainly did. But I got the better deal. *pulls him in for a hug*

Bruce: *squeezes him and kisses his cheek* You’ll never convince me of that.

Tony: You’re just delirious in denial.

Bruce: I could say the same about you. *smirks* I’m okay with it though.

Tony: Just let me think I’m always right.

Bruce: *smirk deepens* You always are, hon.

Tony: Thanks, babe! *grins*

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