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Bruce do you have a spot on your body that tony lick,bites or kissed that drives you completely crazy and just out of no where you pin tony arms over his head against the nearest wall until tony cums untouched? Same goes for you tony.

Bruce: *reddens slightly* Wow, that’s specific… I think everyone has favorite spots…

Tony: Answer the question, Banner! *grins*

Bruce: *blush deepens* Well there are a few spots but… *rubs his chin* for that kinda reaction, I guess my hips. *hides his mouth with a loose fist*

Tony: *nods* He goes crazy. It’s beautiful.

Bruce: Someday I’ll find something you get embarrassed about. *smiles*

Tony: Good luck! *kisses him*

Bruce: *smirks* Okay your turn.

Tony: Probably… I guess my hair. When he plays with my hair. I love that, it drives me nuts.

Bruce: I can’t believe you’re giving the innocent answer for once. *smiles*

Tony: Well I mean, obviously I’m gonna get wild when you touch my-

Bruce: Ah! *holds up a hand* Still I’m gonna prove you have a sweet side yet.

Tony: You can try…

Bruce: Yes I can. *kisses him*

Tony: I think I need to go lick your hip now.

Bruce: I know better than to try to stop you. *taps off the dictation*

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(ノ◕ω◕)ノ~『✧~*I Ship Them So Hard!*~✧』

(Bromance and Romance)

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Time for a quick game of would you rather. . . . Potato chips or pretzels? Salty or sweet? Coke or Pepsi? Sandals or boots? Too hot or too cold? Blue or red? Chicken or beef? Star Wars or Star Trek? Sofa or loveseat? Sunrise or sunset? Ham and cheese or peanut butter and jelly? Live underground or live in a floating city? Ewok or wookie? David Tennant or Matt Smith as the doctor? Physicist or chemistry?

Bruce: Pretzels. Unless the chips are a really good flavor.

Tony: Chips for me. All the chips. Sweet, but I won’t pass up sweet AND salty. Chocolate covered pretzels especially.

Bruce: I kinda like both but… sweet I guess. I’d rather have a good dinner than dessert but if it’s just a snack I’d rather have something sweet. I’m more of a Pepsi guy. It’s sweeter, I think.

Tony: I don’t know that I have a favorite, but if I’m getting a mixed drink I ask for Coke. And boots, definitely.

Bruce: Boots. I’m better with heat so I’d rather it be hot.

Tony: Too cold. You can always add layers, but you can only take so much off. *wiggles his eyebrows at Bruce* And red, naturally.

Bruce: Blue and chicken. I know more recipes for chicken.

Tony: Beef makes up my favorite two meals, so I gotta go with that. And Star Wars all the way. Sorry, babe!

Bruce: *grins* Star Trek though it’s not really fair to compare the two. Can I pick recliner?

Tony: I think so. Sofa for me. I like to stretch out. Sunset. I like the night life. *smirks*

Bruce: Sunset for me too. Peanut butter and jelly.

Tony: Ham. Floating city, only if I get to design it.

Bruce: Floating city, but only if Tony designs it. *grins*

Tony: I think ewoks for me. And David Tennant.

Bruce: I’d rather live with the ewoks, but wookies interest me more. David Tennant, and physics absolutely.

Tony: Mmmhmm, physics.

Bruce: Hope that’s what you wanted.

Tony: I liked that one!

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science boyfriends


Bruce is fuzzy and grey and comfortable to sleep on… Bruce is Totoro.

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This August, Marvel Studios brings you…

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Thanks for pointing me in the direction of those past answers, but my other question is for Bruce. Was there a specific moment when you believed or realized that Tony loved you? I identify with Bruce because he seems a little insecure, like me. Also, when do we get to hear about the 6 month anniversary?

Bruce: I don’t think there was a specific moment. I know when he said it I didn’t have any reason not to believe him, and I think we both’d fallen faster than we wanted to admit. I think I really felt like he loved me after a few months when I wasn’t new or a challenge and he kept putting up with me anyway. *smiles*

Tony: Took you long enough. *smirks* I’d been completely devoted to you from about the first week on.

Bruce: I needed to be sure love and fascination didn’t look alike with you. *small smile*

Tony: They might, but it doesn’t mean they aren’t sometimes the same.

Bruce: As long as you keep it up. *kisses his cheek*

Tony: I’ll try, babe. *takes his hand* You just gotta be patient with me.

Bruce: You’re definitely worth it.

Tony: And Bruce is not quite as insecure as he used to be. I take a lotta credit there. *beams*

Bruce: *smiles* You probably deserve at least 75%.

Tony: I think being married has made you a lot more comfortable living this kinda lifestyle.

Bruce: I figured I was committing to it for the foreseeable future. *purses his lips over his smile*

Tony: You just don’t have as much of a problem thinking of things as yours or ours now as you used to. This is our house, not mine, and that helps.

Bruce: It does. *smirks* I’m really enjoying making a home with you. *rubs his hand*

Tony: *turns Bruce’s head and kisses him* Better than your last living situation at least. *smirks*

Bruce: *smiles* Mostly. Did I ever tell you about the bicycle powered centrifuge?

Tony: *squints and rubs his forehead* That hurts my brain. But at least you got it done.

Bruce: *grins* So you don’t think we need one?

Tony: Not unless it’s a kink thing.

Bruce: *chuckles* Not even a little.

Tony: Damn. Well then no.

Bruce: At least we’re still getting the hippo.

Tony: A fake one.

Bruce: Thanks for my new life. *kisses him*

Tony: *smiles* Love you. *puts his arms around him and squeezes*

Bruce: Love you too Mr. Right. *kisses him*

Tony: *smiles at Bruce for a moment* So… they wanna hear about our anniversary weekend.

Bruce: It was really nice. *nods*

Tony: *lop-sided grin* Do you not wanna go into details?

Bruce: Probably not the part you wanna go into detail about.

Tony: Tell them about your day.

Bruce: We decided to have a big waffle breakfast, hit the farmers market. I did some gardening while Tony practiced the guitar and then we went for a drive.

Tony: I thought it was gonna be really boring, but I had a lotta fun. I was nice spending time with Bruce at home and not doing any work.

Bruce: We haven’t been able to do that as much lately. I kinda liked showing you what I’ve been working on in the garden and showing each other places we found in town.

Tony: Mmhmm. And I really loved having sweaty garden dirt sex.

Bruce: *reddens* That too.

Tony: And we had a nice meal at home then watched a movie in our theater. Really good day. Then for my day, we drove down to Atlantic City. I got us a nice hotel room and we ate at a few very delicious places. Then I took Bruce to a casino. *huge grin*

Bruce: *inhales slowly* That was different. *small smile* It sounds like they missed you there.

Tony: I love gambling. But I don’t do it much. Bruce was horrified by the bets I was makin’. *grins* Then I made him bet a few.

Bruce: Which was even more horrific. *smiles*

Tony: I made him bet a couple thousand on some roulette games. This asshole won a ton of money. *shakes his head*

Bruce: *grins* Sorry I ruined your fun.

Tony: No, no. I was glad you won. Just mad I lost. And then, well… let’s just say that Bruce spending money has always been a big turn on for me. Seeing him gamble and win money…

Bruce: I’m starting to think it’s just me handling money.

Tony: Well, it’s kinda you who doesn’t like spending money at all spending a bunch of my money. It’s gotta be my money. I dunno why. Just makes me wanna rip off your clothes and slam you against a hard surface.

Bruce: We’re both lucky you have enough to make that practical. I’m still not sure the house is big enough to sustain it long term.

Tony: Sustain what, exactly?

Bruce: Buying a lotta stuff.

Tony: Oh, I’ll make it work. Don’t you worry, I’m good at that.

Bruce: What if I actually don’t wanna buy something? *raises his eyebrows?

Tony: Listen, you’re giving these guys the wrong idea. It’s not like I go out every day forcing you to buy a yacht.

Bruce: *holds up a hand and smiles* Okay no, I just wanna make sure you’re not expecting something crazy.

Tony: *shrugs and sighs* Yeah, sorry. I have a habit of demanding things I want or just taking them. I’ll try to back off on that. *runs a hand through his hair*

Bruce: *kisses his cheek* You’re fine. I just worry about keeping you happy long term.

Tony: *makes a vague noise* You just didn’t seem happy about it that day.

Bruce: It was tough here and there. I’m not used to spending money and not getting anything in return, but I do love making you happy *kisses him* So I’ll make it work.

Tony: You shouldn’t hafta… *lowers his voice* do anything you don’t wanna just ‘cuz… *sighs* I’m terrible at this stuff.

Bruce: Hey… *finger combs Tony’s hair* you’re not terrible at this. I’m still getting comfortable with crowded places like that and spending that kinda money. It was a little too much at once *lowers voice* but it was worth it to get you riled up like that.

Tony: Really? Wasn’t too much for you? *lays his head on Bruce’s shoulder and hugs him*

Bruce: I’m a little tougher than I let on. *kisses Tony’s head and rubs his arm*

Tony: I know you are. Better than you do. *squeezes him*

Bruce: Mmm… *lays his head on Tony’s* Don’t give me too much credit. *knits his eyebrows and smiles*

Tony: I try not to. *scoots closer against him*

Bruce: I love my husband. *hugs him*

Tony: I love mine more.

Bruce: *grins* Mine’s better looking.

Tony: Mine’s got a furrier chest. *smiles*

Bruce: *soundless laugh* Mine’s a smooth talker.

Tony: Mine’s the smartest man alive.

Bruce: I don’t know. I remember you saying that no one that smart could be that bad at dressing themselves. *smirks*

Tony: You’re an anomaly, that’s all. Plus you’re much better at that now.

Bruce: You sure about that? Don’t make me get my stretchy pants. *smiles*

Tony: Hey, I wanted you in those in the first place!

Bruce: The baggy ones with the elastic waist? *raises an eyebrow*

Tony: Oh no. *wrinkles his nose* I thought you meant the spandex ones.

Bruce: I figured. We’ve both got pretty good husbands.

Tony: I guess I can agree to that.

Bruce: You should, your husband agrees with me.

Tony: *squints* I’m getting confused. *smiles*

Bruce: Don’t worry about it. *kisses him*

Tony: Think we killed this one?

Bruce: Yeah.

Tony: Fantastic. *smiles*

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Never alone by qunhyskoa
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Just some doodles of Clint getting a new Cochlear Implant from the Science Bros. Who better to get the best tech from?—Now Clint can hear a cat yawn in the next building with the greatest of ease.

Also, it’ll be a theme that if I draw Clint, he will have his face busted to hell because it’s adorable. Enjoy. :D

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