Robert Downey Jr and Mark Ruffalo: The Avengers Real Life Science Bros




One of the favourite bromances, if not the absolute favourite, among the Avengers fandom is that of Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo) and Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr) better known as “science bros”. Well, it looks like the brotherhood is not an on-screen only thing!

Ruffalo found out science bros when in an interview with Vulturehe was asked if he ever heard of it. After…

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I really hope #avengers2 is full of Tony calling Bruce ridiculous pet names

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[text from Bruce] Hey Phil, are you busy tomorrow afternoon? I thought maybe we could get lunch. I have something I wanna ask you. Advice about something for Tony's birthday on Saturday.


[text]  I have a meeting until one but after that I’m all yours.

[text] Would you mind driving out here?  I can meet you somewhere, but I’m not huge on driving into the city.  Lunch is on me.

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saved me from what? 

saved me from what? 

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토니 배너 으와앙아

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It’s a million laughs around the Science Bros

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Drunk Aron! wazzzzz up!* he hold up his beer as it spills a little* oppsies *walks in as he trips on table and apologizes to the table* brucie b-bruce *whispers as he throws a fist into the air* brucie You *hic* y-you see ony over- ony stop moving Meking meh dizzay*points at a still tony* okay brusie i wants you teh give him the loongest *giggles*i saded long...loongest kiss evaaa Now no worriesss i be hair of your out While you dooo the *makes kissing noises*o-oh god I'm gon puke *runs out*

Bruce: Uh, hope you’re okay and feeling better when you read this, Drunk Anon.

Tony: I think they want you to kiss me. *grins*

Bruce: A long kiss actually. *smirks* Think you can behave?

Tony: I never make promises I blatantly don’t intend to keep.

Bruce: You’ll have to or I’ll hafta turn off the computer bfore they get what they want. *smiles and points at the screen*

Tony: I’ll attempt to hold back. *grins*

Bruce: *bites his cheek trying not to smile wider* I’m sure you’ll do your best. *leans in, slides his hand through Tony’s hair, and kisses him*

Tony: *puts his arm around Bruce and kisses back, letting Bruce control everything*

Bruce: *smiles into the kiss, gently rubs the back of Tony’s neck, and slowly ends the kiss* Thanks, hon. You were perfect.

Tony: I try to be. *kisses his cheek*

Bruce: You do a great job. *gives him another quick kiss* I don’t know if that was long enough for you, anon, but that’s about as long as I feel like making Tony behave.

Tony: How ‘bout you make me do some other things now? *grins*

Bruce: Have some chores in mind?

Tony: Mmmhmmm. Sexy chores.

Bruce: So one of the cars needs an oil change? *smiles*

Tony: Actually… I’ve been saving one so I can show you how to do it.

Bruce: *raises his eyebrows* You in the mood for that?

Tony: Yeah, I mean, I can’t promise we’ll get through the whole thing.

Bruce: I wasn’t gonna hold you to that. *keeps his expression as bland as possible*

Tony: *raises an eyebrow* Let’s go get started.

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you just got reblogged by ask-science-boyfriends. Thought you'd want to know.


Whoa, they did! Twice!image

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SCIENCE BROS:  Retweeting each other’s tweets.

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They are going to wonder why ticket sales are down for Avengers: Age of Ultron and it’s going to be because Mark and RDJ killed all the Downfallo fans and Science Bros/ Boyfriends shippers via twitter. 

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